Beer baths (spa) in Loket and the restaurant "Old Slavic cuisine".

Wellness center in Loket it’s a branch of The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa, and it’s one of the attractions of the city.

The owners of beer spa have a patent for the invention of this physiotherapeutic procedure. This patent is unique and one in the whole world. In these baths (beer sauna) are used unfiltered and unpasteurized dark beer, which contains all beer vitamins and trace elements + water with a temperature of 37 ° C.Loket restaurace

Here are located 4 wooden baths with wellness massage (aero). They are separated by wooden partitions with windows and closed on both sides by curtains, if in the bath is a separate couple of people. If friends or relatives are located in two adjacent beer baths, then windows can be opened and people can communicate with each other. If one company of friends are occupies all 4 bathes, then they can communicate without any problems.

Rising into the bath, guests can stick their hands on a wooden beam, which is already 300 years old. By the way, the height of the ceilings here reaches 6 m. Under the top is a crystal chandelier.

The procedure takes one hour and the guest can stay in the beer bath during all this time. Or some of this time in the relax room.

From each beer bath a unique view opens up to the Castle, to the Church or from above - to the ancient city of Loket. With the possibility and desire of guests, they can extend the pleasure of being in a beer bath for another 1 hour with a 50% discount. This is very convinient for best romantic getaway.

After a rest, guests can go down to the first floor, where the restaurant "Old Slavic Cuisine" is located in the rooms of the 15th century. Here you can taste Old Slavonic dishes, for example, shashlik from veal, chicken, pork, venison, baked fish, old Slavic barley bread that are cooked on oak wood in a stone oven. And also enjoy the unfiltered and unpasteurized the "Karlovy Vary beer" from own craft brewery. In fact,this is a brewery restaurant and you will not try such a beer anywhere else.