Beer Baths

Healing effects of natural wellness center

Dark craft beer unfiltered and unpasteurized include proteins, carbohydrates, a whole spectrum of amino acids and vitamins (especially the vitamin B group), organic acids, and minerals (iron, potassium, and others). This beer from own brewery we a pouring into the beer bath (real beer no substitutes, but actual beer). After our beer bath the skin becomes velvety and hair silky. Who wants to organize weekend for two can enjoy a romantic trip in wellness spa.


A hot beer bath (37° )with aeromassage:

  • cleanses the skin
  • opens pores and detoxifies the organism
  • gives the organism all of the nutrients found in beer
  • wellness massagesthe entire body, removes muscle tension, and warms the joints
  • improves heart activity and the performance of the entire circulatory system
  • the aeromassage improves the regeneration of the skin and improves its elasticity
  • aids in losing weight
  • regulates excessive sweating
  • normalises arterial blood pressure
  • has a positive effect on potency
  • strengthens immunity

Therefore, after the procedure, shower are not accepted.

Contraindications are very rare and there are very few.

The beer procedure is not recommended in cases of severe hypertension, in states post cardiac surgery up to one year after the operation, and during pregnancy.

Children aged 1-15 can take the procedure with parents.

Order Beer baths

If you need – a wellness center near me ? You will visit city of Loket, with a pleasant walk you get a lot of healthy and useful pleasures. You will never forget this.

What does the wellness procedure look like in our  branch of The European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa?

  • The original beer spa have a temperature of 37° C with aeromassages, lasting for up to 60 minutes.
  • The price include 1 beer glass for each guest.
  • Relaxing music accompanying the procedure.
  • Towels and sheets are provided for each guest.

There are 4 wooden bath for 2 persons and 1 large room for relaxation.

The second hour of the procedure costs 50% of the first hour.

In the birthday (+6 days) is the discount 20% in the restaurant and in the beer spa!